Learn Poker Online and at a Live Poker Table

Whether you’re playing online or at a live poker table, you’ll need to know some basic poker terms. These phrases help you to understand the concepts behind the hand you’re holding and the cards you’re facing. Using these terms can help you to win more often and play better.

A “big bet” refers to a larger wager in fixed-limit games. You’ll usually find this in the later rounds of betting. A “donk bet” is a bet made by a weak player.

The term “A-Game” is a term used in poker to describe a mental state that is best suited for playing. It can also be used to describe a hand that is too strong to fold. A bad beat is a situation in which you lose a hand of poker. In the context of a tournament, it is a hand that is beaten by a stronger hand.

A deuce is a card with a rank of two. It’s not uncommon to hear the term referred to as a “deuce-full” or a “deuce-below” when referring to a hand with a pair of aces.

A “button” is the best seat to be in at a poker table. This is the position to the left of the small blind. It is the most profitable spot to be.

A “door card” is the first upcard that is dealt to a player. This card is visible to all of the players on the table. It belongs to the player, but the dealer will sometimes discard it to prevent cheating.

A “collusion” is an illegal action. It involves taking money from another person in the game. It can be a player, a dealer, or a casino employee. It is a very loose term, but it can be very dangerous. In the poker world, an “angle shot” is a trick played to manipulate the rules of the game.

A “fifth bet” is the fifth bet in a betting sequence. This is the fifth time a player has made a bet. It is also called an effective stack. It’s not as important in Hold’em as it is in Stud.

An “equity calculator” is a tool that calculates the equity of a range of hands. This can be done in the game or with a program. This can be useful for finding out how well your range of hands will fare against others. Some calculators also offer additional features. These can include an equity calculator and an expected value calculation.

A “cold deck” is a hand that has a terrible run of cards. This is often a reference to a bad draw. It can also be a good hand, depending on the circumstances. It’s also a term that’s often used to refer to a counterfeit situation. A counterfeit situation is when the value of your hand falls away after you’ve been dealt more cards.

A “float call” is a speculative holding in which you’re not going to bet in position. Instead, you’ll float a bet to bluff on the next street.