Business Administration – Key Human Resources Specialists

A business is a company where people generally work together. In a corporation, individuals work for the company to create and sell goods or services. Others also purchase the company’s products and / or services. The company owner is generally the individual who ultimately pays individuals for work performed. A company can therefore make a substantial profit off of the goods and / or services it sells.


Today, business administration professionals are particularly critical in the growth of many businesses. This is because business professionals are often those who have managerial skills, management expertise, and also interpersonal skills, making them excellent at dealing with and resolving conflicts as they occur. Other business administration professionals can include accountants, auditors, and HR professionals, among others. Business owners should look to these types of individuals to assist them in planning, creating a sound business plan, recruiting, hiring, coaching, leading, and growing businesses, and much more.

In addition to business administration professionals, human resources specialists are extremely important when it comes to the growth and development of businesses. Human resources (HR) specialists are those individuals that help people enter various businesses, assisting them with finding the appropriate businesses, negotiating employment, handling employment issues, interviewing candidates, hiring staff, developing training programs, managing payrolls and benefits, as well as other HR related tasks. As stated previously, business professionals play a key role in the successful management and growth of many businesses, human resources professionals are especially key in ensuring the success of businesses of all kinds.