Business as Usages

What is a Business? A business is defined as any commercial, industrial, or financial activity undertaken for the profit of an individual or group of people. The word “business” refers to all the organized activities and efforts of people to make and sell products and services to others for gain. In addition, to these activities there are other things that classify a business such as office structure, ownership structure, capital structure, sales structure, etc.


The main article is “Business as Usages.” This refers to the methods applied by entrepreneurs or business managers to enhance the profits of their businesses. Strategic management is often used to examine many aspects of an organization to ensure its maximum profits and to avoid problems which may cause it to lose its competitiveness. There are a lot of concepts and areas which need to be examined in strategic management of businesses. The main article includes a number of such concepts, which are used widely by business managers and other leaders.

The main article includes a short extract from the World Wide Web site of the World Trade Union. This web site lists some important topics, issues, reviews, and statistical data related to the business of intellectual property rights, outsourcing, and other aspects which are important in the development of a country. These statistics have been prepared after survey work carried out among trade union members and business owners, which has been done as a part of the strategy developed by the World Trade Union on intellectual property rights issues. This main article can be downloaded free of cost.