Environment – The Web of Interacting Species

The natural environment covers all living things and non-living objects occurring naturally, which means that in this case not synthetic materials are used in their production. The term is also frequently applied to various regions or the Earth. For example, the phrase ‘land’, as used in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, refers to the surface of the earth or any part of it, while ‘waters’ is used in the United States, the phrase referring to bodies of water such as oceans, rivers and lakes. The term ‘air’ refers to gases or vapor, or the atmosphere, while ‘land’ refers to a specific location on the ground.

Natural environments encompass all forms of living organisms, including plants, fungi, bacteria and even humans. The environment has the power to regulate the rate of evaporation, precipitation, temperatures, and atmospheric constituents such as humidity, density, wind, ultraviolet radiation, earthquakes and even ticks. It is said that everything is connected, therefore the natural environment is important for the survival of all living organisms. Since all living things need food, the food chain needs to be healthy for all. The quality of the environment also affects the quality of the living organisms that exist in it, thus there is a great need for the natural environment.

Many people think that if the environment is good then the living organisms are healthy and will survive, however this cannot be further from the truth. No matter how clean and perfect the environment may be, the environment is complex and the delicate balance required by the living organisms cannot be easily obtained. The environment influences all aspects of an organism from its size, shape, position, form of symmetry, shape, growth, movement and population. Thus, in order to describe the environment, it is termed as a biological system. It is the combination of all interacting organisms that work together to reproduce, grow, survive and die. Every living organism is part of the environment and therefore the environment is a web of interacting species.