Main Article: Environment – What Is It?

Environment refers to anything produced under normal conditions. Any thing man made that exists in our surroundings (which includes everything on our planet) is part of the environment. Therefore man has an environment, even when he is alone. The environment is something that humans have influenced through their actions. Man has made some changes to the environment, like the use of coal, gas, petroleum, and other petroleum products, but to keep this earth habitable for us all there will always be changes to our ways of living, and how we relate to our environment. A good example would be the current pollution issues that plague our world today.


The natural environment or the natural world encompasses all existing and non-existing living things existing naturally, which means outside of human existence. The word is mostly used in science to describe the earth or any parts of it. It usually refers to a particular type of environment that is generally a mixture of soil, air, and water. It can also include any living things such as plants and animals that are both natural and living. Some people however use the word “natural” to describe any type of environment, but in most cases this term is only used to describe the earth as we know it.

The main article on this topic will show that global warming and climate change is the most important environmental issue of our time and is threatening to wipe out most of the natural resources of the world in the next century and possibly the next millennium. This article is meant to act as a guide to help readers understand the main concept behind the environment. They are the resources in and around our planet. These resources are living things that provide food, clothing, and shelter. Our world has an overall supply of energy, but the problem is that the cost of these resources has been increasing steadily, because of high demand and low supply.