Some Different Desires of Nature

Environment refers to a variety of things that have an influence on the way we live in the present period, either by influencing us to behave or act in a certain way or affect our environment in a negative or positive way. There is a broad range of environments and one will generally need to think about the type of environment needed. The environment could be environmental impact in the scientific community often termed as the natural environment, which is the entire Earth system including air, land, oceans, ice, subsidence, groundwater and climate. The natural environment is generally considered to encompass all living and non living things existing naturally, which means that not artificially.


The term is also frequently applied to a specific region or part of the Earth, often within a geological region such as an ecosystem, biosphere, hydrostatic environment, or political environment. Within ecosystems there are systems which are defined by ecosystems with varying levels of organization, function, connectivity, and connectivity. In other words it can be said to cover a range of different ecosystems, which in turn provide a habitat for a wide range of different types of organisms and their respective habitats.

An important aspect of the environment is how well it has been maintained, which may require intervention from time to time in order for it to continue to maintain what it needs for a long time to come. The maintenance may take the form of scientific interventions, such as research, monitoring and research, or it could take the form of economic activities such as regulating markets, regulating production and consumption, and controlling pollution. Sometimes the need for scientific intervention is for obtaining a better understanding of the real composition of the environment so that the effects it produces on living organisms can be altered. For example, if some part of the environment is overpopulated by some type of unhygienic organism, it would be necessary to find a way to alter the conditions so that the organism can no longer survive and so that the overall quality of the environment is improved.