The Class 11 Enclosure and Its Importance

The environment is one of the two major factors that determine how much of a person’s life can be improved by the use of technological advancements. The other factor is how much effort a person is willing to put into the improvement of the environment. The natural environment or organic environment encompasses all living and non living things occurring naturally, which means outside of the human existence, the term is usually only used of the Earth or portions of the Earth. This aspect of the environment has been proven to be significantly more beneficial to humans than the technological advancements in place today.

The environment encompasses all living things on earth including plants, animals, bacteria and even fungus. The environment also includes the biotic factors that affect the way the living things on earth evolve. These biotic factors include the soil, the air, the water and the temperature and precipitation levels of the environment. The biotic factors have direct connections to the types of living things and their ability to survive.

The environment is known as both a creation and maintenance for all the living things on earth. It is a balance that exists within the ecosystem. The environment that exists is known as the class 11. The class 11 is the largest ecosystem in the human life experience and is directly affected by the human impact on the environment. As the environment continues to deteriorate through the way people are environmentally engaged, the class 11 will slowly be depleted leading to the deterioration of all aspects of life on earth.