What Does Environment Matter?

The environmental debate in present times is a huge one. This is mainly due to the growing concerns of individuals on their personal health, as well as on the effect of their actions on the environment. There are many differing opinions on how exactly the environment should be viewed. One person’s view may be completely different from another’s. There have also been debates over the years regarding the need for human intervention in the environment.


One debate which has been going on for a long time is the effect of man-made and/or artificially created pollution in the environment. These include the following: air pollution caused by vehicles, manufacturing process, pesticides, and radiation in the atmosphere, to name a few. The atmosphere consists of three components namely water, air, and land. Man has influenced the environment by using all three components in varying proportions. The impact of man on the environment can be seen in the form of global warming, acid rain, and global cooling, to name a few.

Global warming is an increasing concern because it has the potential to cause severe climate change, which could lead to drastic changes in the way of life in a specific area. Acid rain affects the environment by damaging the rainforests, thereby leading to the depletion of the said eco-system. On the other hand, climate change is perhaps the most significant change that the environment has ever seen. It has potentially severe effects on the ecosystems, wildlife, as well as human beings. The major impact of climate change is evident in its effects on the ecosystems. These ecosystems cover a great area and there is a great possibility that the changes in the climate will negatively affect them.